Suvarchal Abhayamaruthi
1) Parvati was unable to bear the severity of the mixture placed in her womb by Sankara. So, she, in her turn, deposited it in the Fire God. He was also not able to bear its severity. He transferred it to Wind-God. At that time one woman named Anjana Devi belonging to monkey’s race was doing penance to have a son with great strength and valour. The Wind-God, out of his natural love towards her used to give one fruit to her every day. On a fine day, the Wind-God gave the divine mixture to her. Taking it to be a fruit, Anjana Devi swallowed it. In a short time, signs of pregnancy were visible in her. She was very much perplexed that her chastity was at stake.
At that moment, a divine voice from the sky said “Oh! Anjana! Do not worry. Your chastity is not spoiled. You will give birth to a mighty divine person”.
Accordingly, Anjana Devi gave birth to a male child on Vaisakha bahula Dasami, Saturday. Having been born to Anjana Devi, he is known as Anjaneya.

2) At the time of his birth itself, Anjaneya was very strong, devout and possessed all good qualities. On the very fifth day of his birth, on a new moon day, he asked “Mother! I am hungry. Please give me something to eat”. “Son! Eat any ripe fruit”, so saying Anjana Devi went out to attend to her daily routine. Exactly at that moment, Sun-God was rising in the sky. Anjaneya mistook the rising red Sun to be a fruit, and flew to the sky to catch him.

Suvarchala Abhayamaruthi

3) Lord Indra saw the scene and threw his thunderbolt (Vajrayudha) on Anjaneya. The boy just set it aside with a feather in his tail. Then Indra shot Brahmastra on the little lad, Anjaneya. He threw away the powerful Brahmastra also with a feather. All the Devas were wonder struck. Brahma and other Gods came to the little boy Anjaneya, and appealed to him to spare the Sun, since all the rituals would come to a grinding halt without the Sun. As per the appeal of the Gods, Anjaneya left the Sun, and engaged himself in his playful acts. When the boy absorbed himself in his playful mood, Indra suddenly threw his weapon on him. It hit the boy’s jaw and he fell senseless on a boulder. The Wind-God became angry at the heinous act of Indra, and went into a cave taking the boy into his hands. When the Wind-God stopped blowing, the entire Universe became breathless.

 Brahma, Vishnu, Sankara, Devendra and other Gods rushed and appealed to the Wind-God, and begged  him of   his pardon. They gave many boons to Anjaneya. The Wind-God got pacified and began blowing as usual.

4) “Anjaneya! Like Maha Vishnu, you will protect all the angels. Like Siva, you kill all the demons in Lanka and fulfill Rama’s act. You will bring back life to Lakshmana. You will spot out Sita in Lanka, and inform Rama about her welfare. You are unconquerable. But I have one request! You have to surrender to Brahmastra just for a moment”. Thus Brahma praised Anjaneya in many ways.

5)Hanuman approached the Sun God to teach him the scriptures and all allied subjects relating to them. Then the Sun God replied, “Look! Hanuman! I go on moving constantly. So you yourself think of the way as to how I can teach you. Anjaneya followed the Sun God in whatever direction he moved and learned Indra-Grammar in a week’s time. Afterwards, he placed one leg on the eastern hill and the other on the western hill, enlarged his body up to the Sun’s region and moving his head in the direction in which the Sun moved has learnt the Vedas fully in a record time and earned the appreciation of the Sun-God. Pleased with the strength, valour, and intelligence of Hanuman, the Sun God gave his daughter Suvarchala in marriage to him.

6) Parasara teaches Suvarchala-Hanuman Mantra to Maitreya:
Maitreya requested Parasara to teach him Suvarchala-Hanuman mantra to him. Parasara said “Maitreya! Lord Siva taught seven crore mantras to Parvati. Among them, some relate to Anjaneya. Some of the mantras grant liberation, while some bestow earthly pleasures. The mantras pertaining to Lord Hanuman confer earthly pleasures as also liberation to the devotees”. Then he taught Suvarchala-Hanuman mantra to Maitreya.

  Viswakarma has one daughter by name Chaya. He gave her in marriage to Sun God. One day Chaya cried before her mother about her inability to bear the severity of Sun’s rays. So Viswakarma grinded the Sun and reduced the severity of his splendour out of one of the rays of the Sun God. Suvarchala was born. Brahma declared that after some time, she would become the wife of Lord Hanuman.

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